Tile Installation In New York

Are you confused about which brand you should trust for tile installation?

At Paintly we believe, the customer isn’t paying for tiles, they’re paying for an experience. Our deliverables are handpicked by the finest tile contractors in New York. With our experience and proficiency, we effortlessly make your dream home a reality.

We have a sharp eye for detail

 Not every layperson understands the intricate technicalities that exist behind the installation of tiles in New York. We know what you will like and what would suit your aesthetic the best. We at Paintly NYC promise to deliver the best without compromising on quality.

We care about your dreams

 Tiles are not just a small piece to build your home. They are the very foundation of the years of happiness that is yet to come there. It needs careful curation and immense taste to handpick the appropriate ones to suit you. We make your shift as comfortable as possible with Paintly’s tile installation in New York.