Venetian Plaster in New York

Affordable Venetian Plaster in New York

With this coloured plaster finish, it is possible to transform the walls and ceilings of any home or office space into works of art, providing almost limitless creative opportunities with Venetian plaster services. A glass-like surface with significant depth, a highly polished or matte finish, as well as a distressed or rough texture.

Where in New York City is the best place to locate a decorative plaster contractor?

If you are considering the use of types of Venetian plaster and would want to know the cost of applying decorative plaster finishes with Venetian plaster in New York

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What is the price of Venetian plaster?

Depending on the type of plastering material used, the desired finish, and other job-specific factors, such as the fact that plastering a ceiling is twice as difficult as plastering a wall, that some walls are tall and require scaffolding and stepladders with Venetian plaster in New York.

Industrial-style concrete and plaster finishes

Not just in New York, grey veneer concrete plaster is gaining popularity. This interior decorative plaster treatment is used in the majority of upscale retail stores, lobbies, offices, and restaurants due to its attractive and plain look, as well as its longevity.